The Canadian Music Centre gratefully acknowledges the supoport of the SOCAN Foundation and the Government of Canada through the Canada Music Fund.

IAMIC Presents a Night of Remix

IAMIC and the Canadian Music Centre are proud to present an exciting evening of new remixes produced by local electronic artists Solvent, minisystem, Bartek Kawula, DJ Cozmic Cat and DJ Rock Steady Drew. These five musicians represent a diverse range of contemporary genres of electronic dance music, from popular club sounds to electro to experimental techno.

IAMIC members from around the globe have submitted music by their composers for remixing. Check back after May 23rd to learn more about the music being remixed.

The Remix Artists


Solvent is Jason Amm, a robot music composer, analog synthesizer fetishist, and co-founder of the renowned Suction Records label. Born in Zimbabwe in 1972, Amm currently resides in a room full of machines in Toronto, Canada. He has been releasing his unique brand of synthesizer-pop music since 1997, and is best known for his releases on Morr Music (2001's Solvent City) and Ghostly International (2004's Apples & Synthesizers, 2005's Elevators & Oscillators). Solvent has created his own unique version of electro-pop: too elegant and sincere for the electroclash set, too complex and contemporary to sound like it was recorded in 1981, and too seeped in the time-honoured traditions of melody, songwriting and hands-on synthesis to be lost in the overcrowded world of IDM.

DJ Cozmic Cat

DJ Cozmic Cat has built her career from the ground up, and has shared the bill with some of the hottest names in the business including Jazzy Jeff, Yo!Majesty, ?uest love, Scream Club, Cosmo Baker, Bahamadia, De La Soul, Deep Dish and MIA's producer Switch (UK). She has rocked crowds in the Philadelphia, New York, Brooklyn, DC, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Puerto Rico, and Australia. Voted Philadelphia's Favorite DJ , this award-winning Canadian DJ/producer has performed at events frequented by A-list celebrities as well as the underground music industry. Cozmic Cat now produces music with a duo called Fur Salon out of Toronto and Philadelphia, serving up remixes and hi-tech funk for 2009.

Bartek Kawula

Bartek Kawula is a Toronto based producer who has been composing electronic music since around 2003. Influenced by both the electroacoustic field and the more improvisational genres of rock he feels at home within the compositional boundaries and sonic possibilities of Techno. Bartek's music has been featured on various compilations and performed at Mutek.


minisystem finds solace in the warmth and imprecision of outmoded analogue technology. An obsessive collector of vintage equipment, minisystem's tiny studio is rammed full of modular synthesizers, old keyboards and drum machines. Entrenched in this fuzzy analogue world, minisystem crafts his own elusive brand of electronic music with rudimentary fragments of pop, house, techno and electro. His debut album, 'Madingley' was released on Toronto's Noise Factory Records.

Rock Steady Drew

Rock Steady Drew, born Andrew Timothy Ralph in Georgetown, Guyana, is a Toronto based DJ and remixer. His music styles include hip-hop, Baltimore Club (bmore), baile funk and electro. Drew's love of music was inspired by 1980s hip hop and turntable culture. During the 1990s, his personal tastes expanded into rock, soul, jazz and alternative, while continuing to DJ exclusively within the hip hop genre. By the 2000s, Drew grew weary of hip hop's direction and began taking cues from new emerging global dance sounds. This allowed him to begin experimenting with his own remixes. Drew has had successful remixes of artists such as Rihanna, DJ BlaqStarr, Run-DMC, Chromeo, k-os and others.